Pokemon GO is one of the recent most popular game for smartphones

Lucky Patcher Pokemon Go: Lucky Patcher is a cracking app that efficiently removes annoying ads which interrupt during working on a smartphone. The app is also very handy for hacking games so as to overcome a stuck up level or escape in-app purchases. Lucky Patcher hacks through the game and lets the user gain access to in-app purchases without having to pay from their pockets.

Pokemon GO is one of the recent most popular game for smartphones. The game is designed for the gamers to use GPS location services present on their devices to battle, capture or train Pokemon, which are virtual creatures from a famous cartoon. The Pokemon appears on the user’s screen using the device’s camera do, as to make the creature appear in the same environment as the player’s.

As the popularity of the game is increasing, more and more hackers find out ways to cheat at the game. But, before manually installing the app they need to use sophisticated tools such as “Lucky Patcher” for hassle-free hacking.

What Is Lucky Patcher Pokemon Go?

Lucky Patcher is an app in the form of.APK file, which allows the user to modify apps. When Lucky Patcher Pokemon GO is used, the player can escape the device security permissions to grant more access to ts in-app contents., which means that a Pokemon Trainer can Install Lucky Patcher to run various patches so as to trick the game.

Also, some hackers use GPS location Spoofers which fake the player’s GPS location, allowing him to travel virtually anywhere in the world in order to find a new Pokemon. The GPS Spoofer allows the player to crack into worldwide cellular networks and gain an advantage over other players by capturing more Pokemon. Other hackers have created a Poke Con Generator which cheats by creating game’s currency without the player actually completing the required levels. Generally, the player has to either win battles or earn Poke Coins in the gym or else they are to be bought from the game store. Lucky Patcher Pokemon Go creates patches to avoid in-app purchases.

Catching A Pokemon (GPS Spoofer And Lucky Patcher)

This cheat helps the player to find Pokemon without even going out of their house. It requires 2 basic apps

  1. Fake GPS Location Spoofer
  2. Lucky Patcher

It is necessary to follow the instructions given below.

  • The player’s phone should first be rebooted.
  • The devce should be then, rooted
  • After rooting the device, the latest version of Lucky Patcher should be downloaded from its official website.
  • Now, download Pokemon Go Fake GPS Spoofer without running the installation.
  • Now Lucky Patcher is run under the rights of superuser
  • Search for the last tab named “Rebuild and Install”
  • Next, find the downloaded Fake GPS Spoofer file and click on “Install as System App”
  • After the installation is completed the device gets rebooted.
  • Next, Fake GPS is set up and run and settings are modified.
  • Check on the box for “Expert Mode”, without which the app does not work.
  • The player is all set to travel around the world virtually in search of more Pokemons.


This article shows us how a very popular game like Pokemon Go can be cracked and played with the help of Lucky Patcher on any smartphone. Once the device is rooted, Lucky Patcher paves the way for a lavish gaming experience.