May 3, 2015 | 11:00 pm | 146 Broadway | Brooklyn, NY | 21+ | FREE!  
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ZZZ’s is post punk/no wave trio band from JAPAN. They formed in 2011 and performed the 1st show immediately after several times of session.
In 2012, they had twice long tours in whole US for SXSW2012, CMJ2012 and Miami Art Basel and etc. New York was basic place with their activity.
In a beginning of 2012, they had yet had only a few performance and were an unknown band in Japan. Then, they went to NY where they don’t have any friends for getting many inspiration. It was severe not to speak of their life in New York. But they could obtain about 80 performances by themselves in a half of a year. In Miami art basel 2012, they encountered Thruston Moore(from Sonic Youth) accidentally on the street in Miami and talked with him. He set ZZZ’s as the performer of his secret performance at that night.

Later he chose ZZZ’s as the first his favorite of 2012 on the website of Matador Records and wrote an article there.
As well, ZZZ’s performed at CMJ 2012 in NY as the only official performer from Japan , their performance was also written to the article of “New York Times”. Between only a half of year, the review of their performance appeared in many magazines and websites in US.
They will release EP recorded in New York by “Jonathan Krenick” of an engineer of “The Rapture” in February, 2013. That is sold in their Bandcamp website, too.

ZZZ’s will go to somewhere of the world for getting unknown inspiration in this year as well

Born in a cavernous Brooklyn warehouse in the winter of 2013, LODRO is branded with an ominous desolation. Fueled by the intricate and shadowy perspectives of Jeremy Cox, Jigmae Baer (both formerly of Royal Baths), and Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends), the trio has made their presence known through a blitzkrieg of brilliantly unsettling live shows and a small glimpse down what promises to be a deep rabbit hole of analog home recordings. The neo noir punk outfit recently announced they will release their first 7″ on the newly-formed Tracer Sounds in October of 2013 – a mere nine months after their first performance.

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