The Tye Trybe, Psychiatric Metaphors, Jay Wade, The F*cks (feat. mems CH duo & x-B.C)

September 5, 2015 | 1:00 pm | 146 Broadway | Brooklyn, NY | 21+ | FREE!  
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The Tye Trybe played their first show in at a bar attached to a pizza restaurant in Ohio, just two Puerto Rican brothers from the Bronx with a guitar, a set of drums, and a lot of spirit. Since then, they have evolved their lineup and their repertoire, most recently recording with the Converse Rubbertracks Studio in Brooklyn. They have also left their mark on Webster Hall’s Marlin Room, House of Vans, Santos Party House, and Mercury Lounge.
The now three-piece band brings together Joseph Hernandez’s Bronx-bred raspy vocals and untamed guitar playing, Desi Joseph’s steady, driving bass lines with gritty Spanish Harlem undertones, and Henry Colle’s dynamic drums repping the Queens front. These young artists breathe to create music, and play every note with hunger and conviction.
Drawing inspiration from Jimi Hendrix’s aesthetic, Black Sabbath’s power, Queens of the Stone Age’s arrangement, and the journey to destroy the one ring, The Tye Trybe has formed a sound that blows away unwitting audiences time and time again. Whether it’s from their tense, rhythmic “Shine Them Shoes” or dance-driving “Pachyderms,” fans old and new are consistently left exhilarated and craving that “one more song,” at live Tye Trybe concerts.

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