The Brooklyn Horns and Jazz Out 4tet

August 28, 2014 | 6:00 pm | Broadway and Henderson Avenue | Staten Island, New York | All Ages | FREE!  
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Brooklyn. That raw, violent and beautiful part of new york city, a wild place. To know it is to love it. Neighborhoods of different people, food and music. The most famous, diverse and interesting place in the United States. This was the birthplace of three men, who became a music legend. Growing up on the hard, dirty streets of Brooklyn made them tough … And smart. All styles of music were here and learned. The soundtrack of survival. Saxophone, trumpet and trombone were forged in the melting pot of american musical culture … With the iconic brooklyn bridge as backdrop. They learned their craft well, and earned respect in the business. Playing in bars, dives and nightclubs with many bands, night after long night. In those smoky, sexy and dangerous environs … They got good. Whatever they do, wherever they go now, the life blood of Brooklyn is in their veins. The sadness of blues, the cool complexity of jazz, the hot playfulness of funk, the vitality and joy of R&B, and the gritty reality of rock-n-roll. They have performed on the greatest stages, with the greatest musical acts in the industry … Producing a sound like no other. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…Tommy Pezz, Joey Crown and Phil Stone, the greatest horn section on the planet… The Brooklyn Horns

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