Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Miramar

July 24, 2016 | 7:30 pm | Lincoln Center | New York, NY | All Ages | FREE!  
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When one of the most famous New York salsa duos of all-time hit the stage, an epic evening is guaranteed. Since the mid-1960s, pianist and singer Richie Ray and singer-songwriter Bobby Cruz have amassed a rich catalog of recordings that reflects these musicians’ eclectic brand of salsa, which gleans elements of rock, jazz, and classical music. And if their records are the stuff of legend, the experience of seeing them perform live in front of a hometown crowd is not to be missed.

Miramar, a trio formed by members of indie salsa band Bio Ritmo, opens the evening with the poignant boleros of Puerto Rican composer, singer, and poet Sylvia Rexach, whose songs have since become part of the Puerto Rican canon, but remains mostly unknown outside of her native island.

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