Mobile Mondays! Funkin with Jamaica with Tom Browne

July 6, 2017 | 7:00 pm | 184th St. & 146th Terrace | Queens, NY | All Ages | FREE!  
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Queens-born trumpeter glides through the decades with a funky soul

Tom Browne

You don’t get a nickname like “Jamaica Funk” if you’re not legitimately funky. Tom Browne is indeed a colorful individual with a deep passion for generating multi-layered jazz. The Billboard “Best Of” awards recipient and multi-gold album selling Browne has been skillfully playing the trumpet with unfettered exuberance for over thirty years. His calling card is, and always has been, his lively stage persona and earnest performance style. Of his audience, Browne opines that “they come to connect with you!”, and true to his words, Brown appears to legitimately love bridging this connection to his fans. Raised in Jamaica, Queens, Browne attributes his ability to fluidly move between genres and styles as a result of his upbringing in such a musically varied and rich area. Throughout the decades, he has worked with all the top jazz artists (and other talented folk) around. On the record label GRP, he produced some colossal hits, like “Funkin’ For Jamaica,” “Thighs High,” “Fungi Mama,” “Let’s Dance” and “Secret Fantasy.” Still headlining at the biggest festivals in the land, Browne loves to tour and perform for jazz-loving crowds of all natures.

Mobile Mondays!

It’s time to let vinyl shine. The Mobile Mondays! DJ-led dance party experience is the very definition of a fun time (and yes, the name always contains an exclamation point – for just cause). Held every single week without fail at the world famous Bowery Electric, this super-powered soiree was founded by NYC’s very own Operator Emz as a way to jumpstart the heart and soul of New York’s dance scene – and keep deejay culture alive and thriving with full speed 45 RPM appreciation. The proud MM! posse is made up of Operator Emz, Natasha Diggs, Joey Carvello, Just Blaze, Misbehaviour & $$$Mike & Brand Manager Rebecca Lynn. MM! is a veritable house of worship for vinyl devotees (where the DJ is always a funky soul savior) to congregate at 52 times a year and share their love of old school aural satisfaction. Spanning all sorts of genres, syncopated record enthusiasts enjoy disco, garage and every style of house imaginable. Initially conceived for classic vinyl purists, MM! is a wonderfully welcoming place where anyone who relishes a good beat can come and get their swerve on.

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