Margaret Glaspy, Alexander F

June 22, 2017 | 7:00 pm | 85 Richards St | Brooklyn, NY | All Ages | FREE!  
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Indie-folk singer/songwriter focuses her talent on guitar-driven pop songs

Margaret Glaspy

Singer-songwriter and pop-folk goddess Margaret Glaspy made a profound self-discovery. She realized that she isn’t as freewheeling and blissfully carefree as she once thought; she’s actually very “analytical.” This was the fundamental basis for her premiere full-length album, the self-produced Emotions and Math, which explores the balance of these two seemingly diametrically-opposed concepts, managing love on the road and other delightfully heady notions. The California-bred Glaspy has been dedicated to crafting thought-provoking and earnest, emotion-stirring music since she was a teenager. Her musical journey saw her leave Sacramento for Boston’s thriving live music scene, and eventually settle in NYC, where she earned a residency at the famed Lower East Side venue Rockwood Music Hall. She has performed with several notable singers (and was a member of the band The Fundies), but released her first solo EP Homeschool in 2012. Glaspy has previously toured with Lucius and Milk Carton Kids. Currently headlining her own tour now, this moving singer and accomplished guitarist thrills fans with an eclectic mix of stellar singles like “You and I,” “Memory Street,” and “You Don’t Want Me.”

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