LIC Landing Live: Matthew Kiss Band

September 25, 2015 | 6:30 pm | Center Boulevard and Borden Avenue | Queens, New York | All Ages | FREE!  
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Matthew Kiss grew up in the gritty working-class neighborhood of Rockaway Beach, NY. He started playing guitar at 13 years old, and by his late teens he was writing poetry and songs.

Despite living in a place where urban decay cast a dark shadow over the beach, it helped shape this young musician’s world view. He started skating and surfing, but instead of taking the traditional route and creating the type of music that is common to coastal towns, he experimented with his sound.

Listing a wide range of influences from Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer Jace Everett, Ryan Adams and Johnny Cash, combined with a lyrical style that strives to be brutally honest, his music is not easy placed into a single category. Nonetheless, his songs are pure Americana.

Last year, Kiss was a top finalist at the Ultimate Singer/Songwriter Contest at The Waltz Astoria. And it was at that contest where he caught the eye (and ear) of producer Godfrey Diamond (Lou Reed, Billy Squire). With the guidance of Diamond, Kiss released his debut EP – the Black Hound Sessions in July 2012.

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