Data Touring + Siren Sounds CMJ Showcase: Nina Sky, Denitia & Sene, Weekend Money, Wes Walker, Swizzymack

October 13, 2015 | 7:30 pm | 95 Stanton Street | New York, NY | 21+ | FREE!  
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NINA SKY – (Set time: 11:15 PM)

The number two is powerful. Not only does it signify Nina Sky’s tag teaming force , it also signifies the
culmination of their independent EP release, “Nicole & Natalie.”

Since their global recognition in 2004 with the reggae-infused pop jam, “Move Ya Body,” Nicole and Natalie Albino have spent eight years challenging their voices and learning more about themselves
in life and in business. ” Just because we weren’t in the spotlight doesn’t mean we weren’t making moves,” Natalie explains. “These last 8 years were spent traveling, doing shows all over the world, writ-
ing and working with other artists. We’ve really had time to mature into women and master our craft.

The “Nina Sky” album hit the industry with a brand of R&B that was unprecedented, coming from two Puerto Rican twin sisters from Queens, NY. That same year, rapper N.O.R.E. called on Nina Sky for vocal
assistance on “Oye Mi Canto,” featuring Daddy Yankee, which became the first reggaeton record to hit mainstream radio and showcased the ladies bilingual talents.

While 8 years have elapsed, The twin’s unmistakeable harmonies quickly made them in demand collaborators in the worlds of Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, and Reggae. Artists ranging from The Alchemist
to Diplo, Sean Paul, and even Aventura have sought out the talented Queens-bred sisters to take their music to another level. As Nicole and Natalie ready for a fresh beginning, their musical abilities
have never once failed to resonate with audiences. “We aren’t only singers; we write all of our music,” Natalie reveals. “Nicole plays guitar and deejays. We are very musical and try to show this while
on stage. Our vibe isn’t like your typical group! Because Nicole deejays, she’s able to command the crowd and every once and a while, we’ll bring the guitar out on stage to show our versatility.” As a
teen, Nicole mastered the turntables but relied on her guitar playing skills to support the lyrics she and Natalie wrote. Fast forward years later and the duo’s songwriting capabilities are displayed in catchy
party starting records to poignant ballads.

Their wide range of collaborations speaks to their versatility and growth, but never was this more apparent than on their newest album Nicole & Natalie. The project is the sum of their musical influences
combined with the maturation of the duo as individuals. Die hard fans have always been aware of this evolution, from their electrifying stage show to Nicole’s emergence as a DJ playing in the most
elite clubs around the world. Even casual onlookers can see their progression as their ever-changing sense of style has developed Nina Sky into fashion icons both on the New York City scene and in the
pages of fashion magazines.

Nina Sky welcomes tastemakers and fans to rejoice in their return. An elaborate work of art, “Nicole & Natalie” showcases the growth and versatility that is Nina Sky as singers, deejay, entertainers, creat-
ing a unique mix of energy and party vibe every time they get on stage.

DENITIA & SENE – (Set time: 10:30 PM)

Smooth like smoke from the tip of a Cuban cigar, and as sensuous as morning love, electro-soul duo denitia & sene not only exude sexy through their music, they invent it. The Brooklyn-based musicians came together a year ago with a shared vision to bring truth and ingenuity to stylistic music, and they’ve held their ambitions high ever since. Simple. Rare. Sumptuous. Bold. They’ve been influenced by a range of sonic proclivities. Thus, their work is distinguished not by genre, but attention to free verse, and the magic that transpires between darkness and light. It’s film noir for audiophiles – chic, hip and alluring – and together, they have broken down personal limits to forge a bond surpassing all expectations.

In true Brooklyn custom, the two artists met while attending a party one night at a spot they refer to as the “The Clubhouse,” an old Victorian home serving as a residence, community space, and recording studio for a collective of local artists. Sene, a rapper, was looking for someone to sing hooks on his new album, and denitia, a singer-songwriter, welcomed the challenge. He gave her the scratch vocals; she nailed it and then some; and suddenly, they were part of the New York fairytale so many artists call a dream. It’s Brooklyn at its finest – it’s serendipity. It’s denitia & sene.

After their initial collaboration went better than expected, denitia & sene decided to take it one step further and form a twosome, allowing sene, a Brooklyn native, to tap into his musical skills beyond hip hop, and denitia to explore a more sultry, theatrical side of her character. Both were inspired by a variety of artists and backgrounds, listing Sade, the Fugees, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Beatles, and Janet Jackson as a few of their shared favorites. Such diversity is reflected in the dynamism of their own sound, from smooth bass lines and reverberating vocals to synth-laden blues and abbreviated narratives. It’s kind of like nothing else out there, and that is the intention.

denitia and sene’s first EP, blah blah blah was released in August and presented by, a three-track assortment blending definitive soul with electronic bebop. Their track “Casanova” won the attention of many music tastemasters, with Fader magazine calling it “an effortless, snuggly gem primed for late Saturday mornings tangled in rumpled covers.” Because their partnership has been effortless and magical from the get, they intend to continue down the same track, aiming to create authentic and intuitive music that is accessible to a wide variety of people. No fronts and no concessions – it follows only the rules they set for themselves, compromising nothing that might contradict their signature sweet panache.

WEEKEND MONEY – (Set time: 9:45 PM)

Weekend Money, conceived in a Brooklyn basement early 2012, is made up by Iraqi producer Baghdaddy and super hustler/emcee
Ne$$. Since forming the duo has taken the underground Brooklyn scene by storm, performing and headlining
at some of the New York City’s biggest venues. Early on the group partnered with Greedhead, an indie label by Heems [of
Das Racist], for the release of their debut EP ‘Naked City’. The two have collaborated with tastemakers like Heems, Kool
A.D., Well$, Hot Sugar, LDRU (of Carmada), Fat Tony, Lakutis, Le1f, and Antwon. They successfully released their
‘Freddie Merkury’ LP early in 2014 via Complex. Baghdaddy and Ne$$ both blend their cultural influences and aesthetics
stretching from Iraq, north Philly, Bed Stuy, and Williamsburg; curating a sound unlike anything that’s out. They recently
returned from their first international tour which spanned 3 stops in Australia, Bali, & Hong Kong.
Weekend Money is off to a hot start in 2015, keep your eyes and ears peeled people.

WES WALKER – (Set time: 9:00 PM)

Philadelphia’s Wes Walker is a renaissance man of emerging media and entertainment. He is a rapper, producer, vinyl disc jockey, audio engineer, graphic designer, media personality, and entrepreneur. He was first recognized nationally as a rap artist from his hit single ‘Jordan Belfort,’ (currently at more than 6 million plays on Soundcloud) but he is an entertainer of all sorts. Starting to DJ in 7th grade and learning to produce original music on Reason and Ableton Live shortly after, his confident experience and unique style is obvious in his productions and performances. Wes is 20 years old, currently attending Temple University in Philadelphia for Media Studies & Production. He is managed by Kevin Liles of KWL management, signed with Atlantic Records, booked through DATA Touring, and personally associated with the College Weekly brand.

SWIZZYMACK – (Set time: 8:00 PM)

Discovered by Mad Decent’s Diplo and Paul Devro, Swizzymack is the driving force behind the rambunctious sound known as Philly Club music. His tracks and remixes have been heard everywhere from Philadephia’s Hot 107.9 to mixes and festival sets by the top DJs on the planet. Swizzy’s Bass EP – out now on Mad Decent / Jeffree’s – is the present and the future colliding as Philly Club and Trap music merge in a perfect storm.

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