Beach Fossils (DJ), Mister Lies

March 3, 2016 | 10:00 pm | 146 Broadway | Brooklyn, NY | 21+ | FREE!  
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Beach Fossils began in 2009 as the solo project of Dustin Payseur. Before and after the 2010 release of the S/T debut LP and 2011’s What A Pleasure EP, they performed around the world with a lineup that once featured Cole Smith (DIIV) and John Peña (Heavenly Beat). They quickly became known for their highly energetic stage show, bringing the recorded work to a volume and tempo that would make even the indie-est of crowds wind up in a frenzy. With the exception of drummer Tommy Gardner, that lineup dissolved to pursue their ambitions with the aforementioned projects. Wanting to bridge the gap between the live and recorded aspects of the band, Dustin began writing Clash the Truth determined to capture the urgency, human flow and spontaneity of the live performance.

Mister Lies is the multimedia project of artist Nick Zanca. While living in Chicago, he was best known for his work as an electronic producer with the 2012 release of the downtempo, sample-driven Hidden Neighbors EP as well as his atmospheric, tribal-inspired debut full-length Mowgli released the following year. After several months of touring, Zanca returned to his studio space in Vermont and began work on his upcoming release. Now based between New York City and the Green Mountains, he is teaming up with Brooklyn-based DIY powerhouse label Orchid Tapes to release that sophomore effort, Shadow. The album’s sound is a significant departure from his previous work; replacing trip-hop inspired percussion and distinct vocal samples with organic instrumentation, glitch-infused ambience and vocal performaces from Zanca himself. Shadow is out October 28th and features contributions from New York singer Harrison Lipton and Mister Lies’ Portland-based labelmate, Arrange.”

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