Alex Pasternak of Lemonade DJs

January 16, 2016 | 10:30 pm | 146 Broadway | Brooklyn, NY | 21+ | FREE!  
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Lemonade’s third and latest album Minus Tide is a collection of tracks that contemplate the sync of natural cycles, the allure of wide open spaces and the belief that freedom can be experienced within the confining grids of urban life. Steeped in the contrast between built landscapes of cities and their distancing effect from natural rhythms and the cycles of the seasons, Minus Tide offers an expansive vision of freedom, conveying a spirit of timelessness – stumbling on a beach party in a secret cove in the middle of summer, looking out the window of your apartment to see a endless, cyan sky. Callan Clendenin’s unhurried vocals are bolstered by Ben Pasternak and Alex Steidel’s liquid arrangements, for an overall feeling of “off the grid” freedom, however temporary. Minus Tide is a celebration of all forms of wanderlust, and the firm belief that there’s still beautiful places left to explore, and adventures waiting to be had.

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